5 Markets For Cheap Wholesale Jewelry

People might assume that cheap wholesale jewelry would be difficult to resell. This way of thinking limits these individuals and potentially loses them a significant profit. While these jewelry pieces may not compete with gold and silver jewelry for quality, they can fit nicely into numerous customers’ budgets. The question is, where does a person find these customers? Here are some suggestions to get your mind jump started.

Local Schools

Schools love creating a mascot with a dedicated color scheme to rally around. High schools and colleges almost always have these, and you might also want to check about the local middle schools. For any of these organizations, their students are likely to want to wear their school colors. Most families have neither the inclination nor the budget to purchase gold and silver jewelry. That means that any other jewelry with those colors and a more reasonable cost can be a welcome prize. If you ask the right questions, you may even be able to get the school to do all the selling and money collecting for you.

Costume Accessories

What is a pirate costume without an earring? Or a high roller costume without their bling? People who are building a costume for Halloween or a friend’s costume party usually don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on jewelry to get the right look. Buying cheap wholesale jewelry makes excellent sense to many customers. This market can be approached either online through your own website or online auction sites as well as by approaching local stores specializing in costumes. The second option minimizes your workload as well since the customers are in their store and you don’t have to worry about order fulfillment.

Church Fundraisers

We say church fundraisers, but any group might be interested in this option. Approach a local group and offer to supply jewelry for a fundraiser. Negotiate a split of the profits and then provide them with the jewelry to sell. Make sure you base the split on the profits though, since a slip of the tongue on this one can turn a great idea into a nightmare. These organizations get something of actual value to use for their fundraiser and you get a sales channel which requires little effort on your own part.

Set Up An Online Store

Of course, you could always set up your own online store. This will require knowledge and time or potentially expenses instead of the knowledge and time. Before diving into this option, consider the amount of work you are willing to put into the store. Initially, this business model will devour time, but that typically changes later.

Do Them All

Naturally some people will look at all of these ideas and say, “Why can’t I do them all?” The answer is: GO FOR IT! Approach the local organizations and work with them while building your website. Then take testimonials from the local organizations and add them to the website as validation. Give this some time and some effort and you could have both sides of this business generating revenue!

There are many more options for selling cheap wholesale jewelry, but these are some of the simplest. Add the other ideas and you have a great business based on inexpensive inventory. Now that’s a way to use cheap wholesale jewelry.


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