Reinventing SEO Rankings

When writing for the web, one’s greatest challenge is overcoming competition; which is no easy battle. The implementation of a variety of tactics increases your chances of gaining higher search engine rankings. The foundation of any search engine optimization strategy is to begin with a website audit in order to determine whether or not your website is optimized or not. Determining whether or not your website is optimized will give you a starting point from which to begin. If you are not technically savvy and know of no one who is, there are many affordable search engine optimizer.

Content for SEO

One thing to keep in mind is that all SEO rankings are based in part on content. The major search engines are looking for high quality, search friendly content that can be easily navigated through, and provides the reader with a positive experience. Identifying your target audience will you to create content that is meaningful and useful to your audience. Creating content that contains video and other media files will boost your site up in the rankings. 

Keyword Research– Once you have identified your target audience, the next step would be research popular keywords through the use of a keyword search engine such as Google Adwords. Identifying the most popular keywords that are relevant to your website will allow you to incorporate them into you content.

Limit Keywords– Just as the use of keywords has the potential to improve your SEO ranking, it can also be harmful if over utilized. Limit the use of keywords to one to three per page. When creating a new page, use different terms to describe similar items. For example, if you sell furniture, separate different kinds of furniture onto different pages; separate sofas from armoires. Also use different terms similar items when appropriate; you could use the term “entertainment center” in place or armoire. 

Social Media

Keywords are important, but nothing increases rankings like good old fashion marketing. As many businesses are finding, social media sites provide a cost effective way to advertise to a targeted audience attract customers and visitors to their websites. This is one marketing strategy that cannot be overlooked and it is exactly what search engines are looking for. Creating social media accounts and linking them to your website will increase your website’s exposure, which is after all what SEO is all about. 

Social media is an effective venue for building your brand. Getting out there and being everywhere is the best way to be where the customers are. It is essential to be personal and build a connection with your readers and/or customers. Share content that is important and relevant to your audience. Sharing content is easy with built in social media icons that you can attach to your web content and share via social media. Affordable search engine optimization doesn’t have to be difficult; it just takes time and dedication.

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