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The Importance of a Good Haircut

If there is one thing that differentiates men and women, it is their hair. Although this is definitely a stereotype, there is also some truth to it; men do not really discuss hair secrets on any level that women do. Women also change their styles just for fun, whereas when a man changes his hairstyle it is usually matched by a philosophical change. Haircuts for women thus tend to be more fun and representative of how the woman is feeling at the moment, whereas men tend to look for something more long-lasting.

The Hairstyle Change

Probably one of the biggest differences is the reason for a hairstyle change. Although women in movies and comics make a point by changing their hair, such as Demi Moore in GI Jane shaving her hair to show her sincerity or Storm of the X-Men’s famous Mohawk when she shed her earth-mother persona, most haircuts for women express a subtle change, such as Felicity’s famous haircut, or a little fun. They get tired of their hair quickly and ask for changes, however slight, as a way to try something new. It is one of the ways in which they can express their individuality, and they take full advantage of it. 

Although some women express major changes through hair, most notably widows who shave their head, it is really noticeable in men. If you are looking through a man’s pictures you can tell how old he was just by his haircut. For each different style it was a different era in the man’s life; some men’s hair is distinctive enough, such as Superman’s curl or The Beatles’ moptops, that you can tell who it is just by the hair. Even when Superman had his mullet, it was for a good reason: He had just returned from the dead, after all. You want to know a man? Look at his hair; it can tell you a lot.

Confidence and the Follicle

Although Samson may be the poster child for losing power through hair loss, it is interesting to note that the first step to demoralize a woman is shaving her hair. This is not so much vanity, as it is that her hair is one of the few ways she can express herself given the limits of dress in professions, such as the military and business. By taking her hair away you also take away her individuality. You can shave a man’s hair, but he adapts to it; sometimes he finds a way to use it as a symbol counter to what his oppressors wanted. 

Admittedly men have had a very strange history with the hair, as even the Spartans had a deep relationship with their hairdressers and people are still trying to figure out powdered wigs. However, haircuts for women give women a chance to express themselves and subvert the need to conform to society’s standards. Haircuts are one of the ways that people can express themselves within society’s norms; this makes them a great way to show off how you are really feeling at the time, both emotionally and philosophically.


Reinventing SEO Rankings

When writing for the web, one’s greatest challenge is overcoming competition; which is no easy battle. The implementation of a variety of tactics increases your chances of gaining higher search engine rankings. The foundation of any search engine optimization strategy is to begin with a website audit in order to determine whether or not your website is optimized or not. Determining whether or not your website is optimized will give you a starting point from which to begin. If you are not technically savvy and know of no one who is, there are many affordable search engine optimizer.

Content for SEO

One thing to keep in mind is that all SEO rankings are based in part on content. The major search engines are looking for high quality, search friendly content that can be easily navigated through, and provides the reader with a positive experience. Identifying your target audience will you to create content that is meaningful and useful to your audience. Creating content that contains video and other media files will boost your site up in the rankings. 

Keyword Research– Once you have identified your target audience, the next step would be research popular keywords through the use of a keyword search engine such as Google Adwords. Identifying the most popular keywords that are relevant to your website will allow you to incorporate them into you content.

Limit Keywords– Just as the use of keywords has the potential to improve your SEO ranking, it can also be harmful if over utilized. Limit the use of keywords to one to three per page. When creating a new page, use different terms to describe similar items. For example, if you sell furniture, separate different kinds of furniture onto different pages; separate sofas from armoires. Also use different terms similar items when appropriate; you could use the term “entertainment center” in place or armoire. 

Social Media

Keywords are important, but nothing increases rankings like good old fashion marketing. As many businesses are finding, social media sites provide a cost effective way to advertise to a targeted audience attract customers and visitors to their websites. This is one marketing strategy that cannot be overlooked and it is exactly what search engines are looking for. Creating social media accounts and linking them to your website will increase your website’s exposure, which is after all what SEO is all about. 

Social media is an effective venue for building your brand. Getting out there and being everywhere is the best way to be where the customers are. It is essential to be personal and build a connection with your readers and/or customers. Share content that is important and relevant to your audience. Sharing content is easy with built in social media icons that you can attach to your web content and share via social media. Affordable search engine optimization doesn’t have to be difficult; it just takes time and dedication.

Your Complete Guide To Borrowing Money Online

Modern Technology and Borrowing Power

Since the tech bubble burst in the late 20th century, society has seen a plethora of advances in different industries across the globe. From the way we communicate to the way we work, modern technology has helped make things easier for people by providing efficient solutions to problems. Another way in which technology has saved us from the caveman style of living is by letting consumers borrow money through the Internet. Yes, it is now possible to evade the long waiting lines of banks and simply make transactions at the comforts of your home and at a few clicks of the mouse button. 

How to Borrow Online

Although borrowing money online is simple enough for average computer users and the not-so-savvy web surfers, the process should be taken with precautions. There are some fraudulent websites and scam artists out there that are out to get your banking information and steal your identity for their gains. Taking precautionary measures is imperative to avoid identity theft and other common security breaches. 

Fortunately, it isn’t hard to locate a credible lender online. Most major banks and lending institutions offer different loan and mortgage plans through their website. You do have to compare and contrast their plan features as different lenders have their individual interest rates, restrictions, and prerequisites for approval. 

Once you finish comparing lenders, you now have to determine how much money you need and the payment structure that comes with it. If you need immediate financial assistance and cannot wait for the lengthy approval time that some banks have for their loans, you could opt for payday loans. It is fairly easy to qualify for this type of credit and simple to comply with the borrowing requirements. Some payday loan providers ask only for a proof of income source, a valid ID, and of course an active bank account where the money will be wired. 

Advantages to Borrowing Online

Convenience. This is perhaps the most attracting feature of borrowing money online. No more commutes and drives to your bank or long over-the-counter transactions. You save enormous amounts of time and effort. 

Security. The risk of getting robbed and losing the money as you leave the bank is eliminated since the money is directly wired through your bank account. Lending institutions also use high-end security software to block any unwanted intrusions to their system. 

Easy to manage. Records can be saved and accessed anywhere anytime. You won’t end up with piles of documents and paperwork laying on your couch or desk. Furthermore, keeping track of your monthly payments and account status is made easier since you can just log in online and check the data you need. Customer support representatives are also on standby 24/7 to answer any queries and address problems.

Keep in mind that borrowing money online has its downsides too. For starters, you need to research on the bank or lender prior applying to ensure that you do not end up with unauthorized loans or credit cards under your name.

How About Adding Built In Storage To Your Basement Wall Construction

Considering a basement remodel then you’re probably looking for a comfortable environment with excellent storage. Many homes are built with unfinished basements, families are often looking to add a comfortable family living space with great storage to accommodate their family needs and add value to their homes. You will need to consider all of the following when planning for basement wall construction:

• What kind of Construction was used to form the Perimeter Walls?

• What Condition is the Perimeter Wall Currently In?

• How are you going to prepare the perimeter walls for construction?

Working around permanent basement structures, installing Plates, installing Studs, installing electrical, adding built in storage and dry walling are all important considerations.

Common Perimeter Basement Wall Construction

Basements can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes at they provide the foundation, footprint, and utility access for the home. The two most common construction techniques for basement perimeter walls is concrete block construction or pour concrete construction. If the home is old enough it may have been built with a stone wall foundation. 

Condition of Perimeter Walls

Before the built out begins, it is worth checking the condition of the perimeter walls for cracks, moisture, mildew or mold. It is best to check for bowing in the walls before any additional work is performed. Were the walls properly sealed from moisture, is there any maintenance work the needs to be down before construction begins. 

Many newer basements may already have moisture barriers and insulation in place and some may have been dry walled ready to build out based on the new homeowner’s wants and needs. If the perimeter walls have been finished what kind of finishing were use and what kind of insulation was used. If it was down correctly you will only need to decide on the interior foot print and placement of your interior walls.

Preparing the Perimeter Walls for Finishing

If your perimeter walls were left unfinished then you have one of two choices to provide a moisture seal and insulation that is necessary for including the basement dimension in overall living space for the home. The most economical way is to use furring strips with sprayed foam insulation, when down properly this can provide an easy and efficient technique to add additional square footage to the home.

If you have built in storage in mind this will not be the method you will want to choose. When storage is a big consideration than a more traditional stud and dry wall can provide versatility. With a little consideration, it can be amazing how much additional storage can be provided within the basement living space when planned for properly. 

Both the perimeter walls as well as the interior wall placement can provide beautiful storage with a built in professional look. The built in storage can provide Shelves, door access, decorative built in cubbies, or can provide for a complete entertainment set up with surround sound. If desired the storage can provide closed Hanging storage or even built in draws depending on the needs of the family.

Working around Permanent Structures

Although prefabricated walls can be a consideration permanent structures may require varied dimensional considerations and if built in storage is the desired goals then building them in place will require installation of top plate’s perpendicular to the floor joists and parallel piece on the concrete floor. The next step will be to install the studs for the basement wall construction. Next the electrical points will need to be established and wired. Any special built in storage should be completed before the final dry wall is put up and finished.

5 Markets For Cheap Wholesale Jewelry

People might assume that cheap wholesale jewelry would be difficult to resell. This way of thinking limits these individuals and potentially loses them a significant profit. While these jewelry pieces may not compete with gold and silver jewelry for quality, they can fit nicely into numerous customers’ budgets. The question is, where does a person find these customers? Here are some suggestions to get your mind jump started.

Local Schools

Schools love creating a mascot with a dedicated color scheme to rally around. High schools and colleges almost always have these, and you might also want to check about the local middle schools. For any of these organizations, their students are likely to want to wear their school colors. Most families have neither the inclination nor the budget to purchase gold and silver jewelry. That means that any other jewelry with those colors and a more reasonable cost can be a welcome prize. If you ask the right questions, you may even be able to get the school to do all the selling and money collecting for you.

Costume Accessories

What is a pirate costume without an earring? Or a high roller costume without their bling? People who are building a costume for Halloween or a friend’s costume party usually don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on jewelry to get the right look. Buying cheap wholesale jewelry makes excellent sense to many customers. This market can be approached either online through your own website or online auction sites as well as by approaching local stores specializing in costumes. The second option minimizes your workload as well since the customers are in their store and you don’t have to worry about order fulfillment.

Church Fundraisers

We say church fundraisers, but any group might be interested in this option. Approach a local group and offer to supply jewelry for a fundraiser. Negotiate a split of the profits and then provide them with the jewelry to sell. Make sure you base the split on the profits though, since a slip of the tongue on this one can turn a great idea into a nightmare. These organizations get something of actual value to use for their fundraiser and you get a sales channel which requires little effort on your own part.

Set Up An Online Store

Of course, you could always set up your own online store. This will require knowledge and time or potentially expenses instead of the knowledge and time. Before diving into this option, consider the amount of work you are willing to put into the store. Initially, this business model will devour time, but that typically changes later.

Do Them All

Naturally some people will look at all of these ideas and say, “Why can’t I do them all?” The answer is: GO FOR IT! Approach the local organizations and work with them while building your website. Then take testimonials from the local organizations and add them to the website as validation. Give this some time and some effort and you could have both sides of this business generating revenue!

There are many more options for selling cheap wholesale jewelry, but these are some of the simplest. Add the other ideas and you have a great business based on inexpensive inventory. Now that’s a way to use cheap wholesale jewelry.

Everything You Need to Know about Direct Payday Loan Lenders

There comes a time in every person’s life when they need financial help. They may need money for medical expenses, have an emergency bill that they need to pay or may need quick cash to repair their broken down vehicle. Whatever the reason is, direct payday loan lenders are always there to give a helping hand to those who need financial relief.

The advantage of having a lender available

Some people have the benefit of having an emergency credit card, have emergency cash saved up or have collateral to obtain a loan. Unfortunately, many people don’t have any of that and find that they don’t have any choices available when a financial emergency occurs in their life. Lucky for them, direct payday loan lenders are willing to help them. If a person is employed, they no doubt have the ability to pay back a loan. They may have a couple of more days to go until their payday, but they have something that needs to be paid now. All they need is an advance on their pay, and these companies will do them that service.

The negative critics of payday loan companies

The reason that cash advance companies sometimes get negatively scrutinized is because critics feel that they are taking advantage of people. This is due to the interest rates that cash advance companies charge. Borrowers are always aware of the interest charge that the loan will costs them before being issued a loan, and personal responsibility needs to be placed on each individual who obtains a loan. This type of loan is meant to be a short term solution for people and is not meant to be a long term loan. This is why the full amount is due within a short period of time. This business is just like any other business that has an interest in making a profit off of their product or service. 

Qualifications to get a payday loan

All direct payday loan lenders are different, and each company will have different criteria from one another. Generally, these companies will require a person to be over the age of 18, be employed and have a checking account. They may also have a minimum required income. There is usually no credit check for these type of loans. Those with bad credit are so used of getting denied for a loan that they are glad when they find out that they are eligible for a payday loan. 

Online payday loan or a brick-and-mortar payday loan?

Whether a person uses a brick-and-mortar establishment or an online company, they will usually have their cash by the next day. Online companies will usually have a person’s money deposited into their bank account the next day following their approval. A brick-and-mortar establishment will pay a person right there on the spot. The amount of the loan will depend on how much money a person earns.